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Whether you’re a gaming enthusiast or downright fanatic, put your skills to the test and challenge yourself or a group of friends to a 12-hour gaming marathon this November.

Every penny you raise will fund vital research into teenage and young adults' cancers.

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Free t-shirt!

When you sign up we'll send you a free TYAC t-shirt to game in.

Plus, if you raise over £100 we'll send you a free TYAC Fund the Answers medal!

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It's easy to get set up for Game for Change.

Sign up to create your Game for Change fundraising page, which will automatically be linked to our campaign.

Then share your page on your social media, if you're streaming tell everyone when you'll be live, load up your favourite game and get started!


Stay healthy and safe!

We recommend:

  • Taking regular breaks to give your eyes a break and stretch your legs
  • Keeping hydrated and fuelled
  • Avoid a crash and steer clear of caffeine, energy, or high sugar drinks
  • Get a good night’s sleep before you start!

Paying in your funds

After your fundraising event, there are a few different ways to send us the money you've raised, so we can get to work funding research into teenage and young adult cancers